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With over 20 years of dance experience and a deep love and appreciation for movement, I am thrilled to be offering classes on Patreon!  Patreon is a membership based online platform built for artists to share exclusive content and perks to their members. 

I offer 4 different tiers, or levels of membership: 

$1 tip in my dance belt is a way for you to show your support of my art

$5 tier is a great place to start for beginners

$10 tier offers intermediate level content

$20 tier will unlock all the tutorials on my page
I publish quality and organized content each week on schedule, for those who like the structure and consistency of a weekly class.  Tuesdays at 7:30pm (HST) a new intermediate level tutorial is published.

Saturdays at 9:30am (HST) a new beginners level tutorial is published.

When you join at the $20 tier you will gain access to over 100 tutorials on my page PLUS receive weekly intermediate AND beginners tutorials.  That's a total of up to 9 new tutorials a month, a monthly playlist, and my newsletter! 

Join at the $10 tier and you will receive 2 new intermediate tutorials, 2 new beginner tutorials, a monthly playlist, & my newsletter!  Plus gain access to over 80 tutorials on my page! 

Join at the $5 tier and receive 2 new beginner tutorials, 1 monthly playlist, & my newsletter!  Plus gain access to over 50 published tutorials on my page!

I look forward to sharing my love of Fusion Bellydance dance with you! 

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